My place 1 hour $700
Perfect for a brief, flirtatious encounter, a striptease and lap dance, an erotic chat and a taste of what’s to come during
our erotic odyssey. After work, this is refreshing….

Each additional 1/2 hour $400
Perfect for some more satisfying connection sipping wine and getting to know each others’ desire more intimately.
We can enjoy a body rub and tell our naughty little secrets to each other….

Your place $100 extra (travel time and taxi fare).

1.5 hours $1,100
2 hours $1,300

4 hour dinner dates $2,200
Cocktails at the bar of a romantic restaurant, playing footsie under the tablecloth, flirting with other beautiful women nearby, sharing stories of our erotic adventures and planning our intimate time back at my place or yours.

Overnights $5,000
After a romantic dinner, we can watch erotic movies and spend a fun evening until we fall asleep in each others’ arms.
A final kiss goodbye and we will both leave, still in the afterglow and wishing for another unforgettable encounter….

For time and companionship only.